About us

Hi and Welcome!

I'm Shane and this is my wife Carly. We are the masterminds behind Let's Bake Together! We built this site as a place for home bakers like us to share recipes and pick up fun and useful baking tools and equipment for all of our unique baking projects. 

A little about the site...

If you've looked around the site at all you've probably seen some pretty cool stuff! One of our favorite parts of the site is the Community Recipe Blog. Here we'll post some of our favorite recipes for you to try. If you have any recipes you'd like to share with the community you can post them here as well. We sure hope you'll share with us what YOU'RE passionate about!

One last thing, maintaining a website does cost money but we want to keep everything as affordable as we can! As you will see when browsing our catalog we are extremely competitive with our pricing. On top of our low prices every order $20 and over gets free shipping! And on that note, Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery and if you have ANY questions about your order contact us and we'll be more than happy to help! And please keep in mind that when you shop with us you're supporting a small business and we sincerely appreciate it!

Thanks for visiting Let's Bake Together and HAPPY BAKING!!!